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Company Profile

Company Profile

A-1 Entertainment LLC., is an established film and television program distributor worldwide since 1991 (formerly Academy Entertainment, Inc.)

The company currently owns a 1000 hour royalty free classic program library which includes Classic Movies, Short Subjects, Documentaries, and Cartoons

We represent programming on behalf of other suppliers for licensing worldwide. This includes feature films TV series, documentaries and life style programs.

Many of our clients include Television and Cable TV stations, DVD and Video distributors, internetand mobile phones entities.

We have licensed programs in every continent worldwide. Here are some examples:

  • 29 Martial Arts Films to Nambia
  • 100 Feature Films to Cable TV United Kingdom
  • 500 Classic Movies to Thailand

In 1999 A-1 Entertainment LLC concluded a two year contract with Aramco. The company provided Aramco’s Television station with TV Programs. This was a valuable relationship in developing on going business with major studios world wide.

We have the ability to locate any programs or any type of programs for client needs. This results in concluding

Agreements for programs that are not in our sales catalog.

For example:

We have in the past concluded a deal for Animation from Australia for the Middle East and we licensed a series from Russia to China, in addition to many other similar deals.

Here are some of the buyers we have licensed programs to over the past 19 years:

  • NBC Asia
  • ATV Hong Kong
  • York Video USA
  • IBC Thailand<
  • Arena Distribution Russia
  • Visual United Kingdom
  • ATV Turkey
  • Manga Films Spain
  • Polygone Films France
  • Shamel Media Middle East
  • A&E Networks USA
  • Shanghai Television China
  • Telegenics Canada

In addition, here are some companies that we have licensed from on behalf of other companies.

  • MCA Universal TV
  • Carlton United Kingdom
  • Paramount
  • Columbia TriStar
  • Southern Star Australia
  • Brite TV United Kingdom
  • Fox International
  • MGM